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Shooting Fashion Shows

You want to know my truth about shooting fashion shows? I don’t shoot them! Seriously. But I have shot them in the past, especially when I was first starting out in my career. The thing is, if you’re a fashion photographer, it’s going to come up. You’re going to get offered the gig at some point. Or a designer friend is going to need a favor and you won’t want to turn them down. Or maybe you really want to head in that direction with your career. For me, I’ve gotten to the place now where I will kindly refuse the gig because I just don’t enjoy shooting them.

Getting Started in Fashion Photography

To answer all of them is going to have to be spread over a few posts. But Thank You All for the great ideas. Can I just say it here: you guys really inspire me! And yes, this will keep me inspired and busy over the next few weeks! I will answer each and every question here.

Defining a Style in your Fashion Photography

Photography STYLE? Your style is the look and feel of your work as a definitive and continuing stream. Is your work moody and surreal? Is it bright happy? Is it colorful and smiley? Or is it dark and thoughtful? These are words that would be used to describe the look or STYLE of your work. And yes, as a photographer that wants to compete in the market, a style is something that art directors and editors look for when they look at your work.

Advertising vs. Editorial

So as you might suspect, I get a fair share of emails from my blog readers. I think one of the most frequently asked question is: what is the difference between editorial fashion and advertising/commercial fashion. Quite simply, as most of you know, editorial is what would be shown in a magazine. Advertising is selling a product or brand. Advertising tends to look cleaner, using simple lighting to really show off the clothing or make up

A Model Inspires a Shoot

God, I feel like I shot this so long ago, a whole history book of my life could’ve been written between the time today when I’m sitting down to write this post and the day I actually shot this editorial.

Photography Tante Girang Dian Nitami an Unique Picture

Photography fine art? Anyone could get shots, merely it acquires a photographer a professional-to catch the pictures that whiz mostly unnoticeable past the universe at large. An experienced photographer passes a lifetime picturing and snatching those raw pictures that spark and evanesce forever. Break seconds that leave nevermore manifest themselves. Picture taking enlivens folks emotions. A photograph commits viewers an adventure to feel the ecstasy or heartbreak of an afforded moment as much as they figure fit. Whilst the present moment goes quickly, a photograph endures on.

Photographers and Photography Tante Marthasya Simatupang

Digital manipulation could metamorphose your images in entirely mode of effective ways. Any photographic camera you utilise, your whole advance to photography might switch. Whether you apply a conventional film camera or a digital photographic camera, electronic computer manipulation of pictures has bore a fundamental impression on originatively photography in past years. It’s always cost possible to act around with images after they’ve been taken, utilising darkroom and retouching methods. But digital manipulation bundles, such Photoshop, have became extremely specialised techniques into comparatively straightforward ones. Effects that could occupy hours to attain inward a darkroom could be made in a couple of minutes with a computer. Moreover, if you create a fault, or you demand another mark, there’s no require to start again.